How to bury a pet

BURYING A PET: Although in many regions we are not permitted to bury animals (except on farms in some instances) some pet owner decide to do it anyways. Thus, this document is useful to inform them on how to do it properly.[Click here to download this customizable document for your region]

Quality Of Life questionnaire

Something to bring home for families to help evaluate the families quality of life of the pet AND his family:

The Quality of Life Question we all should be asking. An article by Dr. Buisson on the questions to ask ourselves when we have to take the decision.


IF IT SHOULD BE: We've highlighted this poem, as it was wonderfully designed to help clients and the veterinary team deal with any guilt they may be experiencing. It can also be given before euthanasia to help clients with their grief or to help them make the right decision at the right time. [Click here to download.]

HOW TO SAY GOODBYE: a nice tool for families to assess when to choose the moment, by Andy Roark, DVM.



Practical Tips for Euthanasia

  • Sample Euthanasia protocol: to make sure no steps or details are forgotten by the team, in DMV360.

  • CHECKLIST PREPARING FAMILIES FOR EUTHANASIA: Here is a brief checklist of things to discuss with families prior to euthanasia to help reduce stress during the experience.

  • Give the intravenous injection in the lateral saphenous vein (dogs), or in the femoral vein (cats). This allows the owner to be up in front with their companion

  • Use the XS Euthabag to transport euthanasia materials in a discrete way. Useful both at the clinic or for in-home care.

  • Check out this insightful article on euthanasia trends by Dr. Dani McVety: 6 Euthanasia Trends You Didn't Know Existed

  • Alternate Routes for Euthanasia By Dr. Mary Gardner. Euthanasia methods that minimize stress may not always involve an IV catheter. 

SYMPATHY CARD WORDING DOCUMENT: Finding the right words for a sympathy card can be difficult. This document offers some suggestions to help better express your feelings. You can check out our sympathy cards here.