COMPASSIONATE TOOLS you can incorporate into your practice

IF THIS CANDLE IS LIT: This is a document that when placed next to an LED candle, will inform those in the waiting room that a euthanasia is being performed and thus help reduce the amount of noise in the clinic during this delicate time.

Click  HERE  to download this template for your practice.

Click HERE to download this template for your practice.




"If this candle is lit, someone is saying goodbye to their beloved pet.
We ask that you speak softly and with respect during this difficult time.
Thank you for your patience and kindness.

Click  HERE  to download this template for your practice.

Click HERE to download this template for your practice.


Ink Paw Print or Nose Print

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Cat nose print

Cat nose print

This is a very simple, inexpensive and thoughtful procedure you can do to show your pet families how much you cared for their beloved pet.


  • Ink pad OR Calligraphy ink and a paint brush OR a bingo marker OR pigment ink pad (Craft smart) that won’t stain hands.


  • After euthanasia, for a paw print, trim the hair and nails on a back paw preferably (as it contains less hair)

  • if doing a paw print (vs. a nose print), wipe paw with alcohol first. This will allow it to absorb more ink and remove dirt.

  • Place paw or nose on ink pad, paint with calligraphy ink or use a bingo and press onto one or more pieces of card stock (or textured paper). For the nose print, rock the nose on the paper.

  • make more than one print for each child in the family or for members that were not able to be there.

The name of the pet and date can then be added to the piece(s) of paper and now you've created a lasting memory for the pets family! You can then send the paw print along with the sympathy card*.

*We have learned that it is important that a sympathy card is sent within 3-5 days of the euthanasia. The reasons for this are: 

  • This helps the pets family realize how much we really do care.

  • Healing may have started and receiving a card a week or two later can bring back unwanted memories from the euthanasia.


Finding the right words for a sympathy card can be difficult. Here we offer some suggestions to help better express your feelings.

Check out our sympathy cards here.




For families that have lost their equine companion, you can cherish their memory by trimming the tail or mane hair, washing it and then braiding it with a ribbon.

-picture courtesy of The Argus Institute, Colorado State University

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Each Cuddle Clone is hand-designed.

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The Living Urn

This bio urn & planting system was designed to grow a beautiful, enduring memory tree, plant, or flowers with cremated remains.

Honor a loved one when they pass on and celebrate all they’ve given us - the joy, the companionship, the love - and keep their memory present in our lives.


A donation to a shelter, the SPCA or a veterinary school can be done in the name of a pet.

Even planting a tree: Arbor tree foundation for 5$ or A living tribute in Canada for 20$